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A private investment banking firm providing mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, and strategic financial advisory to middle market companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


Developing the Skills Needed to 

We are experiencing one of the most challenging banking environments since the Great Depression.  In the aftermath of the meltdown in subprime mortgages and other asset-backed securities, many banks have become reluctant to extend credit, making it difficult for companies to obtain financing.

Having the ability to acquire needed capital is an essential business skill, especially in difficult markets such as the present one.  In response to the unprecedented number of  requests from clients, colleagues, and referral sources during the past nine months, the professionals at Tuckerton Capital Advisors have developed a powerful and timely seminar entitled:


"Surviving the Credit Crunch: How to Obtain the Business
Financing You Need at the Best Possible Terms"

(click here to download PDF of brochure)


This unique program offers an insider’s perspective on the commercial lending process.  Participants will learn how to deal more effectively with a wide range of financing sources including banks, thrifts, commercial finance companies, developmental loan funds, equipment lessors, and private investors.  Recommended attendees include business owners, CFO's, treasurers, controllers, CPA’s, consultants, attorneys, private investors, or individuals that would benefit from improving their ability to access business funding.

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To register, fill out and return the Registration Form (click here to download a PDF of form) via fax or regular mail.

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